my one word…

I think I have had a “one word” every year for the last ten years or so. Admittedly, there were a couple of years when my one word needed to be repeated for an additional year. I think that’s okay though. Right? Well, not this year. This year it was crystal clear to me that... Continue Reading →


it’s time..

  Ever jump into a pool without checking to see how deep it is or how cold it is? If you are smart... you go in feet first. (Although, admittedly, I've done this head first and I do not recommend it.) Once you are in the water, it takes a few moments to get your bearings. That... Continue Reading →

the adventure…

My next adventure is about to begin and I can not wait. I'm not quite ready to dive right in, so bare with me as I dip my toes over the next few days. Have you ever had a desire to do something you're passionate about but have no idea how you should go about it?... Continue Reading →

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